I started watching my father repairing all those PCs, and helped him. He then gave me more responsibility with the computers and told me how to do it. Then I started to work myself on the acquaintances's PCs, and tried to do my best.

[...] When I grew a little older, I started making my own home-hosted gaming servers on Minecraft, MTA:SA, etc. There I've started a passion on anything about IT. God is the one who gave me the talent on IT, and He is the only one who should be glorified.

Our motto is Dream. Focus. Earn. Firstly you need to have a vision about what you want to do, secondly, you need to work in order to obtain the results you desire. We want to make our IT services the best services a company could get. - Filip

                   Filip Istrate  - CEO

Don't let your mistakes define your life!

Dream. Focus. Earn.

About my skills

Here are some of my skills that I've earned over several years.

I've started working at a Hosting Company, but after a week, I've found out that they made some bad things, and I've quit. I've created their website, and I was the Head of the Support Team there;
After that, I've started working at Cloud-Center.ro as a Promoter, Business Developer, where I met nice people.

I loved all my life to volunteer. I love people, and I love to work with them. I volunteered on local basketball tournaments as STAFF member; I was a STAFF member on some international Christian conferences; I help people with their personal problems; etc.

I am the vice president of the student's council in my high school;
I've been the president of my class for six years and still counting;
I've taught IT classes to seniors; etc.