Absolutely everyone who benefits of services is required to take acknowledge and follow the rules below. Any violation thereof result in suspension of service with or without prior notice. Rules can be changed at any time without prior notice, so visit this page regularly to be aware of the terms and conditions of use of our services.

P.s.: In order to avoid fake accounts, the technical support / assistance is offered exclusive on our website via support tickets, e-mail, contact form or live-chat.

Web Hosting Services

We do not under any circumstances accept sites that hosts or promotes banned activities in Romania’s legislation (eg. child pornography, copyright material, racism, phishing sites, spam, materials without the right of distribution, etc.) or morally law.

Web Design Services

We reserve our rights to select our web-design projects, so if your project proposal is not validated by us, your money will return to you. We reserve our rights to only design websites that are morally ok.

Website Builder

We do not own the templates provided in our Website Builder, but we have the right to use them. You can use our website builder to design your template based on them, or to start a new project from 0, but as far as it is in the morally law. We reserve our rights to cancel any website builder account that violates any of our terms, without returning the funds back to the customer. By creating websites with our builder, you agree that we can create a template from it for our builder customers to use.


The minimum contractual service is 30 days. If the payment is not confirmed within the deadline, the service(s) will be terminated. All the data will be automatically deleted, and the services will become available to other customers. A partially paid invoice will not be considered confirmed, and will not extend the service.


The system is making daily backup for all the services provided by us. The customers may request (for free) any backup from the past 3 days with a limit of 5 backups requests per month. After the cancellation / termination of the service, no backups are available any more.

Technical Support and Assistance

We offer Technical Support to our clients on their entire period that they have an active product at us. Although, the Technical Support does not include service customization.